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How an NBC television series inspired Dr. Paul to bring the Knight Rider slogan to life.

In January 2004, Paul Stuart Wichansky wrote this heartfelt thank-you note to actor David Hasselhoff. David responded to Paul's letter, asking him if he can include the full letter -- unedited -- at the end of his memoirs, in his words, "as an inspiration to others." David's autobiography, originally titled "Making Waves," has been published in several languages around the world under a unique new title, "Don't Hassel The Hoff." Paul's letter appears on pages 273-278 of the United States version.

His thank-you note is a very powerful and evocative nod to the 1980s Knight Rider theme that "One man can make a difference."

Joey PeragalloI think everything in that letter was amazing and am very impressed with all that you have achieved in your life, Paul. I think that what you do for these children as well as adults is unbelievable and you should continue sharing your stories with as many people as possible, for just reading your contribution to Making Waves has given me chills.

Thank you for sharing this with me and I hope all of your dreams come true.

Joey Peragallo

Binti ThakkarIt must have taken a lot of courage for you to share all this with the world. This letter gave me fresh insights on, and a new perspective of, my own life.

Keep spreading the word and love, Paul. You really can make a difference. :)

Binti Thakkar

Anthony CavicoWhat an uplifting and inspirational account! It's no surprise that Mr. Hasselhoff has chosen it to make the final cut of his memoirs, Making Waves. It's only a matter of time before the right person happens upon your story and makes a movie out of it for the big screen, extending your motivational reach as far as the mind can imagine into the lives of many people in need of enriching and enlivening.

Keep strong brother, you represent the fight in all of us.

Anthony Cavico

Image courtesy of www.davidhasselhoffonline.comHey Paul,

It's people like you who TRULY keep people like me going. Thanks for your letter, thanks for your courage, thanks for allowing me to use it in my book!

From my 1980's television show Knight Rider,

With respect and admiration,
David Hasselhoff

Congratulations on your speaking engagement in the Power of One series on the U.S.S Intrepid - what an honor to be included among the speakers and the reaction from the high school kids makes it all so worthwhile.

Making Waves by David HasselhoffIn answer to your question, your letter was chosen for publication in Making Waves because it embodies the spirit of the Knight Rider slogan in a very powerful and evocative way. We are printing it in its entirety at the end of the text as an inspiration to others.

I checked out your website and you're right about your car - it's a very cool interpretation of the 7-Series BMW! The family photos are also great - there's a very striking resemblance among all three brothers. Keep up the good work!

Meanwhile, I'll forward your suggestion about possible school visits in California to David.

Best wishes,
Peter Thompson, author of Making Waves

I read your letter to David and I've got to tell you that was an absolutely fantastic letter -- very touching and inspirational. It was written brilliantly and I think it's the best letter I ever read in my life. I am not at all surprised that David wants to include this letter in his memoirs!

Though "Knight Rider" was never considered to be on the level of "Star Trek," for example, for David to read how the show inspired you must be pretty delightful! Your personal story elevates "Knight Rider" to a much higher level -- from just another fantasy-action show to something so powerful that it can change someone's life, transforming it into an inspirational show that can propel a viewer into achieving the seemingly impossible or out of reach in the real world. This is in much the same way that the prototype car, KITT, was able to propel Michael Knight at impossible speeds, fast enough to be able to reach his goals of placing justice in the face of great evils, in the fantasy world!

You surely have sent him the compliment of a lifetime and I doubt he has ever received such a letter regarding Knight Rider from a fan.

I have to give you my greatest commendation for writing a masterpiece of a letter and thank you so much for sharing it with me, as reading it was such a wonderfully touching experience (just as your live presentation!).

Your story is one of great triumph and proves the power of mind over body.

The TekWiz

Michael WrightHey Paul, that really was awesome and inspirational. It's great that you realize this talent that you have and more importantly, that you use it. You truly have a gift for reaching people and opening their eyes in a way that they've never imagined before. I'm just one of those many people you've touched and definitely won't be the last.

Great work, Paul! I'm proud of you.

I think the next step you ought to consider taking is writing a book. Your words really do reach out to people and not only provide hope but amaze as well. Keep making waves of your own!

Michael Wright

Laura SmithHey Paul!

I just read your letter and it was such an inspiration, to actually know you - the person that could write such words that touch every person who reads them. I'm sure you know this, but you leave a lasting impression on every person that you meet, including me!

Laura Smith

David AndesPaul, we're both very inspired by you and we hope for the best in your mission to help reach out to everyone who needs a role model.

It's amazing how you're able to reach out to celebrities as well with your honest demeanor, especially with Knight Rider. I would have never taken his message, "One man can make a difference," to heart had it not been for your interpretation of the quote. The way you put life's lessons into a more realistic and positive perspective gives me hope in trying to follow a message instead of how it was done, such as the show Knight Rider.

The world needs to at least take a glimpse of your vision. Your letter to David should eventually contribute to your own memoirs in the future. Because I'll definitely be in line for you to autograph my copy of your life in paperback!

Your friend forever,
David Andes

Steve SwensonI believe everyone is meant to contribute something in life in one way or another. By being born with cerebral palsy, you were given a challenge. The current perceptions from others also offered you an additional challenge.

You have worked especially hard to triumph over your disability and show everyone what you are made of. You have inspired many people in life through your everyday actions and motivational assemblies to be the best they can be. I really liked how you describe the ups and downs and how life is a fantastic dream.

It means a lot being your Hero when, in fact, YOU are already a hero to me and to many other people around you!

Steve Swenson
2006 NCAA Division III Swimming Champion

Robert CatalanoYou have motivated many people, met famous celebrities (fantastic pictures with them by the way!), and touched the hearts of many including me through words. Now how are we to respond to such touching remarks you leave us with when you catch us all speechless?

Simple. The same way people express emotions without actually using their voice, including hugs and handshakes. It is in that pat on the back or that hug from a smiling individual that comes the realization that you have touched a heart. In doing so, it makes sense to that individual that the only way to repay you is by "showing," not telling, because actions truly do speak louder than words. Paul, in your case, BOTH your actions, and your words are heard so loud I still have a ringing in my ears!

Robert Catalano

Jessica TourangeauPaul, you are such an inspiration to everyone you meet, and the inclusion of this letter in David's memoirs is just further proof of this! Thank you for helping all of us to have a positive outlook and to "keep on, keepin' on" even when the going gets tough.

I'll be picking up a copy of David's book when it comes out in the States, and I hope I can wrestle you away from your busy schedule to get your autograph! ::grin::

Jessica Tourangeau

Ryan McCullochHey Paul! Your life sounds so exciting! That's pretty unique that you have an agent -- not too many people can say that about themselves.

I told my parents about your magazine with that great photo of you with Billy Joel, and of course, your letter to David Hasselhoff! Your letter touched my heart and I can see why he would like to include it in his book.

I think I may actually have been in your audience when you visited my middle school seven years ago! I'm sure you have done plently of assemblies around our hometown too. That's also a wild story about your keynote at JFK airport, you must feel important for being able to motivate U.S. Customs officials at two of the busiest airports in the nation!

I'm sure I'll see you at Moore's Tavern real soon!

Your next-door neighbor,
Ryan McCulloch

Michael HolakPaul, you have worked really hard to create the life you've always wanted from a place where many people easily give up and end up feeling sorry for themselves (many people do this even without a disability!). You live as an example for others that there is so much more to life than most people even dare to dream of! So many people lose sight of their dreams and do what works in the moment, eventually settling for a life that eventually makes them unhappy.

Your assemblies are a powerful counter-strike against that whole concept, and it's really inspiring to see that there are people out there looking (and succeeding!) to make a difference in our world!

Michael Holak

Brent DonnellyI have just finished reading your letter for the third time. And I really enjoyed it. It's great to know that there are people in this world, like you, who care so much for others and have such positive, upbeat attitudes towards life.

Your words have also made me feel motivated to succeed. I felt like I could take on the world. Life may throw us some curve balls but we always have control of the bat, Paul. We make the decisions in life and we choose whether or not to swing. Life is what we make of it and a positive attitude can go a long way. It's the key to happiness and success. A sense of humor doesn't hurt either, and I know you have got plenty of that!

In front of me is a true success story and I think that your personality will keep you going for a long, long time ... kind of like the energizer bunny!

Brent Donnelly

You have many talents. Writing is most definitely one of them. Managing to get through and touch untouchable people like Billy Joel, Christopher Reeve, and David Hasselhoff is another. You never cease to amaze me, Paul. I am so proud of what you have accomplished and continue to accomplish.

Paul Wichansky and Jeff TiegerI wonder where you get your motivation from. What makes you different from all those people that are full of intentions as opposed to having a history of results? You may not be very tall, but you have a lot more inside and behind you than anyone who stands taller.

With my wife newly pregnant, I can only hope that my child grows up with the charm, determination, and ability that you have (which is also what most people can only dream of). Disabled?! You? I think not!

Jeffrey Tieger, JP Morgan Chase

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