Dr. Paul Stuart Wichansky

   Sharing the voice and vision of courage and optimism.
Motivational and Keynote Speaker for Youth and Professionals.

Paul Stuart Wichansky, Ph.D, is an internationally-known motivational speaker who has triumphed over cerebral palsy and a hearing loss. Recognizing that these disabilities are gifts in disguise, Paul has worked hard to transform such obstacles into opportunities for self-improvement, and shows others how they can also do the same.

Since he was ten years old, Dr. Paul has hosted captivating presentations where he shares valuable insights that have allowed him to triumph over his challenges and reach a dream he had many years ago: to learn to walk. The objective is to help instill in his audiences the courage and inner strength that are needed to realize their own goals.

Nearly 35 years later, his inspiring story has reached hundreds of thousands of youth, teens, teachers, and professionals in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and nationwide. His presentations on leadership and resiliency highlight a unique philosophy: our challenges are among our greatest gifts.

When we see others with our hearts rather than with our eyes, we develop respect and admiration for the gifts we share. This is the reason why Dr. Paul has chosen to name his web site, JustTheWayYouAre.com. It's also the title of one of his favorite songs in Billy Joel's music catalog.

motivational speaker authorMaking Waves with David Hasselhoff
Actor David Hasselhoff accepted a heartfelt thank-you note written by motivational speaker Paul Stuart Wichansky to be published in his official autobiography, titled "Don't Hassel the Hoff." Paul's letter is a very powerful and evocative nod to the 1980s Knight Rider slogan that "One man can make a difference."   [read Paul's letter]

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Recent Presentations and Keynotes (Updated November 2015):

college keynote speaker on leadership

college leadership speakerKeynote to undergraduates participating in a leadership retreat at the University of New Haven. Invited by a former student who still remembers my presentation nearly five years ago! This student is now the senior class president at his university.

conference keynote speaker

conference keynote speaker

Opening keynote to 1000 attendees (counselors, staff, families, and participating vendors) at the 27th Annual Developmental Disability Day in Niagara Falls, NY. My inspirational keynote was followed by a specialized instructional workshop for teachers and their students.

motivational speaker on leadership resiliency

motivational speaker on leadership and resiliency

Youth Instructor, Trooper Youth Week, New Jersey State Police Academy Training Unit
Shared my experiences with three trooper youth classes participating in the 2015 Trooper Youth Week. I am invited each summer (since 2008) to share insights with large audiences of New Jersey high school seniors and help instill the courage, confidence, and perseverance that these youth can fully realize the dreams they set for themselves. Many of my students are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement or public service. Addressed each trooper class from 77th to 100th in recent years.

school assemblies teens

school assemblies for teens

Corning Post-Painted High School in Corning, New York
My presentations in this beautiful high school theater were immediately followed by the official trailers of the upcoming Star Wars, Captain America, and X-Men movies before students were released. Not sure how I feel about that. Placing these superheroes on the same screen after my school video? The imaginary explosions and spaceships made my own sky/scuba dives seem mundane!

I would rather make my students feel THEY are the Heroes.

Shattering Stereotypes. Triumphing over Adversity. Soaring to Success. Engaging Youth and Professionals.