share my philosophy

Love yourself and you’ll love others.


I was born with cerebral palsy and a hearing loss. 

My family and friends have never allowed me to see these disabilities as "robbing" me of a chance to lead a normal life. Rather, I have worked hard over the years to transform obstacles into unique opportunities for self-improvement, and enjoy hosting presentations designed to show my audiences, by example, how they can also do the same.

My school assemblies help instill in children and teens the courage and confidence to excel in their studies; treat their peers with respect; develop character and resiliency that are the hallmarks of leadership; and be motivated to realize their own goals and dreams.

University and corporate audiences can invest in an uplifting presentation that introduces students and professionals to a former special needs child who has conquered the effects of cerebral palsy, implemented diversity initiatives on his university campus, earned a doctorate, and leads a confident and fulfilling life in the face of adversity.  I am also available to engage, excite, and inspire your staff at conferences, meetings, and seminars.  I offer creative strategies to increase productivity and a fresh perspective to face challenges and renew a positive work environment.

I have earned more than a doctorate in environmental science and meteorology. I have resolved bullying as a youth; promoted diversity on my own university campus for nearly two decades; and developed the confidence and resilience to face challenges with perseverance, optimism, and a "Yes I Can!" attitude.