Though I was born with Cerebral Palsy, I host inspiring presentations that shatter stereotypes about people with disabilities.



Meet dr. paul

Strive to do the best with the day you have.

I was born with cerebral palsy and a hearing loss. Despite these challenges, I have shared my story of disability awareness, anti-bullying, and overcoming adversity with an estimated 1M+ children, teens, and professionals during the past 38 years, since age 10.

Let your name become a symbol for success as you embrace the ideals of confidence and leadership that help make your life a success story.


His uplifting TED Talk reminds us that, if you rip the letter "t" off of the phrase "I can't," you are left with “I can.” This is the world Paul Wichansky was born into: he was told he would never walk. Instead, Dr. Paul soared and encourages his audiences to do the same.


Walk away inspired!

Bring out the best in others, for that also brings out the best in you!


Which program are you?

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Inspiring presentations for children and teen audiences customized to the age group, topic, and audience size.


colleges & universities

Engaging programs including orientation, Greek life, Disability Awareness Days/ Months, and special Residence Life or commencement events.


corporations & organizations

Seminars, meetings, and keynotes on diversity and disability acceptance. Facing challenges in the workplace and learning to triumph over them.

What do people say about Dr. Paul?


"I always thought that [disabled people] have a horrible life, but now I know that when they think positive, they have a life as good as mine or even better." -- 5th grader


“I want to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation for your excellent presentation at the "Good Neighbors - Community Living for People with Disabilities" conference.”


You don't need tights and a cape to be a Hero!