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Paul Wichansky. Motivational and Keynote Speaker for Youth and Professionals.

A motivational TED Talk speaker and author who was born with cerebral palsy and a hearing loss, I have recognized years ago that our challenges can be among our greatest gifts. I have worked hard to transform obstacles into opportunities for self-improvement, and host presentations designed to show my audiences, by example, how they can also do the same.

For 37 years, since age 10, I have shared with audiences the positive perspectives and realities of triumphing over these challenges. My school assemblies help instill in children and teens the courage and confidence to excel in their studies; treat their peers with respect; develop character and resiliency that are the hallmarks of leadership; and be motivated to realize their own goals and dreams.

University and corporate audiences can invest in an insightful presentation that helps employers learn to strategically react to challenges with a renewed sense of optimism; boost employee confidence to promote the company brand and inspire customer and colleague loyalty; and inspire your staff with a first-hand story of success, love, and overcoming adversity that leaves a lasting impression.

Encourage your students or staff to ensure their names become symbols for success as they learn to embrace the ideals of leadership and confidence that help make their lives a success story.

Dr. Paul ... In The News!

Youth from cohort parishes come together to hear speaker's journey
2 May 2018
Published in the Trenton Monitor
"From walking and forecasting the weather on television, to driving a car and jumping out of an airplane - and even meeting Billy Joel - Wichansky captivated the audience with his can-do attitude." [read more]

Novartis Hosts 10th Annual Disability Mentoring Day
26 November 2017
"You'll hit obstacles and need to go around or over to achieve your goals," said Novartis Pharmaceuticals keynote speaker Dr. Paul Wichansky, a motivational speaker and author who was born with cerebral palsy and hearing loss. "Stay focused on positivity and hope. Do not give up; find another way to reach your goal."  [read more]

New Jersey Students Get Life Lessons 
by CBS News reporter Lisa Rozner
3 R's Day (Respect, Reflect, & Resiliency)

"Dr. Paul Wichansky talked about how he learned to walk, despite being born with cerebral palsy. 'The hardest part of learning how to walk is learning how to fall down,' Wichansky said. [watch tv interview]

Growing Through Cerebral Palsy
20 June 2017
Paul Stuart Wichansky, author and motivational speaker, on transforming a disability into special abilities through independence and with the help of friends and family. [watch online interview]

... [see full media archive]

Over this proud 37-year speaking career, since age 10, I have hosted about 7600 presentations and conference keynotes to an estimated 1M+ youth, parents, teachers, college students, and professionals in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, California, and around the country.

I also designed this web site myself!

motivational speaker authorMaking Waves with David Hasselhoff
Actor David Hasselhoff generously published my thank-you note in his autobiography, titled "Don't Hassel the Hoff." David says that my letter is a very powerful and evocative nod to the 1980s Knight Rider slogan, "One man can make a difference." It is the only fan letter published in David's memoirs.  [read my letter]

Watch VIDEO TESTIMONIALS following Dr. Paul's presentations 
(Updated September 2018)

September 2018: My gorgeous mom sadly left this world. Her storied life and legacy is memorialized through a heartfelt video tribute I created.

Life has to end. But my love for you, mom, is eternal.

December 2017: Testimonials and photos from my 28 school presentations to 10K+ students during the past eight weeks (Fall 2017):

June 2017: K-6 School Testimonials for 2016-2017:

January 2017: My motivational TED Talk on Disability Acceptance:

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"High school can be a challenge for many teens and being reminded of both the greater challenges in life and also the need to look ahead and positive meant so much and was reinforced in your message. As we stood today to give a standing ovation to you, it was not as amazing as seeing you stand for us." - Marshall Cohen, sophomore class president

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