Bring out the best in others, for that also brings out the best in you!



Mary Jane Parke

Administrator for Curriculum

North Arlington NJ Schools

Paul was outstanding! His assembly to the entire high school body was one of the best programs I have ever witnessed.  The students were mesmerized, the faculty was totally focused, and I was tearing!  Paul's positive attitude, sense of humor, and brilliantly executed video delivered his message(s) home to all in attendance.

My grandchildren are in awe of superheroes such as Batman, Spiderman, and Superman, but Paul is now their real superhero.  You know the students are engaged when you can hear a pin drop, when students ask pertinent questions, and when the assembly ends and students and staff gather around to shake the presenter's hand.  I cannot sing his praises enough.  I know those students left that assembly with the attitude that they can realize any dream if they put their minds to it.

Thank you for an excellent program.


16 years old

From the bottom of my heart, Dr. Paul, thank you.  You gave me courage today, you gave me hope, and you made me smile again.  Whenever I start to feel down about the world, it is incredibly comforting to know that people like you exist - that you are out there somewhere, taking chances and making dreams come true. I hope you know what a special person you are. 

There aren't too many Pauls on this planet. People like you are one in a million. But even if we can't all be Paul, we can still be someone. And that is enough. That is more than enough. In truth, that is everything. Keep smiling!


8th grader

You have inspired me to fulfill my dreams. 

When I saw your [late] grandmother today, I saw her ghostly outline standing right behind you during the presentation.  She was a little bit taller and had short curly hair. She was looking at the audience and then looked at you and smiled, and then she left.  She seemed like she was very proud of you and I could tell that she really loved you.


Strive for the goals you dream of. They can become reality!  


Colleges and Universities

Dr. Robert Gilbert

SUCCESS HOTLINE, Professor of Sports Psychology

Montclair State University

As a college professor for over 30 years, I've had hundreds of guest speakers in my classes: famous athletes, winning coaches, world-class experts, even the governor of the state!  Only one of these speakers has ever received a standing ovation from my students: Dr. Paul Stuart Wichansky.   College students are appreciative; they are just a little reluctant to show it! Not so with Dr. Wichansky.  He stole their hearts.   For some, he changed their lives. How do I know? My students have told me, sometimes years later.

Dr. Wichansky has spoken in several of my classes and, every single time, it was an amazing event. He is a remarkable speaker and even a more remarkable person. 

Erin Keenan

Graduate Student

Applied Sports Psychology

Dr. Paul Wichansky is the real deal!  His delivery and spunk through motivational speaking is unmatched. They way he uses his emotions, expressive mannerisms, and tone of voice puts you IN his life stories as he tells them to you.  When he speaks, you feel like you are going back in time with him reliving the moments he speaks of.

I walked away from his presentation in awe for how much one person can impact another through just words and life events.  I feel grateful to have been able to listen to his stories. Dr. Paul truly embodies the unique qualities of a motivational speaker. 

As he said to us, "No one can be you, better than you."  Without a doubt, he will move you and inspire you when he speaks!  Dr. Paul, thank you for making my life just a little bit better with your words of inspiration!

John Leyua

Rutgers University

Paul made me realize how disabilities do not hold opportunities back, but it just takes a different route to achieve the same outcome.  People with disabilities are motivated and happy, goal-oriented at everything in life, while the rest of us are usually content to reach a certain level and then stop achieving for more.


Strategically react to challenges with focus, drive, and resilience. 


Corporations and Organizations

Andrea Davis


Wow was all that came to mind the entire time I watched Dr. Paul share his presentation.  The entire room was mesmerized - except for the laughter.  Because that's what Paul does - he shares his life story and experiences with such joy, energy, and levity that you can't help but embrace the moment - embrace him.  And make no mistake about it there are also tears - but they aren't for Dr. Paul and the struggles he's overcome. They're for every minute you lost ever doubting yourself, letting someone take your power, getting angry, or overcome with uncertainty. The tears release you and Dr. Paul empowers you - to live life and love life, to the fullest.

Marilyn Kinelski,

Coordinator of Special Projects

Prevention FIRST

Thanks to you, our conference maintained the interest of all in attendance for the entire day!  Your keynote address was overwhelmingly appreciated and enjoyed!  Thank you for sharing your personal testimonies with the 250 professionals in the fields of prevention, substance abuse, and disability services from across the state of New Jersey.

Michael Wertz

U.S.S. Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum

New York City

The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum has been honored to welcome Dr. Paul Stuart Wichansky as a keynote speaker for our prestigious Power of One eminent speaker series on two unforgettable occasions.  He is fearless and can break through the most hardened exteriors to make meaningful connections and does so with absolute sincerity and genuine kindness.  He is a gift to the world and we look forward to having him return to share his inspiring message at future programs.