New Jersey Students Get Life Lessons

by CBS News New York reporter Lisa Rozner, 23 October 2017.   

3 R's Day (Respect, Reflect, & Resiliency) 

"Dr. Paul Wichansky talked about how he learned to walk, despite being born with cerebral palsy. 'The hardest part of learning how to walk is learning how to fall down,' Wichansky said."

Red Carpet Interview, Love 'N Dancing movie

ArcLight Cinemas, Hollywood CA.  9 May 2009. 

Dr. Paul was a script consultant for the movie, Love 'N Dancing, starring Tom Malloy and Amy Smart.  Tom's character in the movie, Jake, is a motivational speaker with a hearing loss.  Dr. Paul ensured that Jake's disability is realistic on-screen.  He is listed in the movie's ending credits. 

Hawk Day: TailWind News at Corning Painted-Post High School

by Alexandra Behn, CPP student in Corning, New York.  11 January 2019.

"[Dr. Paul] speaks to audiences about his life’s triumphs and frustrations to motivate and teach them the consequences of confidence, respect, and leadership."