Inspire. Motivate. Engage.

Always strive to make a positive difference, one person at a time.


Dr. Paul's insightful and deeply personal life story emotionally connects with children, teens, and education professionals.  He has been speaking to youth and adult audiences for the past 38 years, since age 10, making them feel like the Heroes we all know they CAN be.  These school assemblies often leave students excited ... not about him ... but about themselves and the opportunities open to them when they combine a dream and motivation with their winning attitude.  


"I always thought that [disabled people] have a horrible life, but now I know that when they think positive, they have a life as good as mine or even better." -- 5th grader



Taking the "Dis" out of "Disability"

Available topics: disability awareness, character education, anti-bullying, overcoming adversity, building self-confidence, leadership and resiliency

  • Students develop respect, compassion, empathy

  • Provides youth with a new perspective, and a better understanding of, people with disabilities 

  • Highlights goal-setting, encourages kindness

  • Helps make special needs kids feel excited



Middle and High School Assemblies

Access to Success: A Dream, Motivation, and a Winning Attitude

Available Topics: Disability awareness and acceptance, anti-bullying, peer leadership & resiliency, cyberbullying, team spirit days, substance abuse prevention.

  • New Jersey Week of Respect speaker

  • Orientation program for students and parents

  • Strategies to avoid temptations of peer pressure

  • Uplifting stories about goal-settingmotivation, chasing your dreams, and perseverance

  • Successfully resolving school bullying experiences without anger or resentment

  • Interactive Q&A and follow-up classroom visits