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Helping students create and sustain a world that embraces diversity.


Dr. Paul's university background is extensive.  He was a student at Rutgers University for 19 consecutive years, earning three advanced degrees and involved in multiple residence life and leadership activities on its George H. Cook campus. He has earned numerous University awards, participated in campus diversity initiatives, and was also elected chapter vice-president of a new national honors fraternity. 

Since age 10, Paul has presented disability awareness, character education, anti-bullying, and peer leadership programs at many schools, colleges, and organizations in New Jersey and nationwide. He shares with students his own day-to-day experiences with humor, with two objectives in mind. First, Paul wants to help others become excited about themselves and what they can do with the right attitude and desire! Second, he frames the program around the positive perspectives and realities of growing up with his cerebral palsy and an associated hearing loss, helping students and staff to bridge the gap that always seems to separate the word,"normal," from "disabled."


April 2015, Paul gave a presentation to Bloomsburg University students, "Overcoming Adversity as a Person with Disabilities."


Embracing Diversity on Campus

Access to Success: A Dream, Motivation, and a Winning Attitude!

  • Shares a journey of self-discovery through my own college experiences as a Rutgers student for 19 years

  • Offers creative suggestions to take full advantage of diverse university life

  • Speaker for college courses, athletics, orientation events, and evening presentations 

  • Past winner of New Jersey "King of Campus Comedy" event for his stand-up routine



Inclusive Residence Life Programs

Taking the "Dis" out of "Disability"

  • Offers creative strategies to visibly increase campus diversity

  • Helps students hone their leadership and resiliency skills

  • Prepares undergrads/grads intellectually for a successful career

  • Describes benefits of building professional relationships (internships)

  • Recalls hilarious, insightful stories that impressed professional comedians

TED Talk describes a unique perspective on disability acceptance.