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Paul Stuart WichanskyTestimonials from Professionals

These are some of the testimonials that Dr. Paul has received following his presentations or keynotes to audiences of professionals in the financial, medical, pharmaceutical, and human service industries.

As a college professor for over 30 years, I've had hundreds of guest speakers in my classes: famous athletes, winning coaches, world-class experts, even the governor of the state! Only one of these speakers has ever received a standing ovation from my students: Dr. Paul Stuart Wichansky. College students are appreciative; they are just a little reluctant to show it! Not so with Dr. Wichansky. He stole their hearts. For some, he changed their lives. How do I know? My students have told me, sometimes years later.

Dr. Wichansky has spoken in several of my classes and, every single time, it was an amazing event. He is a remarkable speaker and even a more remarkable person. Dr. Wichansky is easily the best speaker in America. -- Rob Gilbert, Ph.D., Professor of Sport Psychology, Montclair State University

Dr. Paul is simply the most inspirational person I have ever met. He and I have formed a wonderful relationship since meeting many years ago at Rutgers University. I have had the honor of sitting in on several of Paul's motivational assemblies and I have seen, first-hand, the impact he has on everyone from elementary school children to corporate professionals.

Paul's reflections on diversity and the unique abilities of individuals are captivating and are sure to leave an impression on even the hardest of hearts. Paul's story is not one you will soon forget. --
Anthony Nugnes, Lowe's Companies, Inc.

Thanks to you, our conference maintained the interest of all in attendance for the entire day! Your afternoon keynote address was overwhelmingly appreciated and enjoyed! Thank you for sharing your personal testimonies with the 250 professionals in the fields of prevention, substance abuse and disability services from across the state of New Jersey. -- Marilyn Kinelski, Coordinator of Special Projects, Prevention First

I want to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation for your excellent presentation at the "Good Neighbors - Community Living for People with Disabilities" conference. Your personal experiences, insight, and expectations for the future generated a great deal of inspiration, enthusiasm, and humor.

Your skydiving video was the proverbial icing on the cake! -- Louis Paparozzi, Director, Monmouth County Department of Human Services

As I shared with you that day, I had my greatest round of golf that morning. Your response was, "What did you shoot?" I actually did not need to be on a golf course to get my Hole-in-One.

Hearing you speak was better than any game I could have played. --
Cantor Wayne Siet, Temple Shaari Emeth, Manalapan, N.J.

Listening to your experiences with cerebral palsy, and the energetic manner in which you presented the information, immediately put the audience at ease helping people to better understand the disability. Asking questions when someone has a disability can be difficult for most people, but you encouraged questions, providing insight and understanding.

I could also feel your courage, compassion, and dedication to educating others about this disability in a positive, wholesome manner. --
Madelyn Barrett, BSW, CSW, Prevention First, New Jersey Coalition on Disabilities & Addictions

Paul's attitude to life, his testimonies, and his sense of humor brought me to a new realization of who I am and who I am really supposed to be. The stories of how he navigated the challenges of his life produced the needed turning point in my own personal life. He exudes a lot of positiveness in his approach to reaching his goals.

He colored every path of his ways with humor which generates instant attraction to his manner and style. I have to go to some quiet place and bump myself into this kind of lifestyle. It's a good key to reaching my goal quickly, to live in peace, and to get rid of the stresses in my life and also in the lives of people around me.

God Bless You, Paul! Thanks again for an enlightening experience! -- Timothy Awujoola, Senior Manager, New Jersey Association for the Deaf-Blind, Somerset, New Jersey

Paul made me realize how disabilities do not hold opportunities back, but it just takes a different route to achieve the same outcome. People with disabilities are motivated and happy, goal-oriented at everything in life, while the rest of us are usually content to reach a certain level and then stop achieving for more. -- John Leyua

Dr. Paul, Most of all, you're something that I always wanted to be. A hero. Not someone who flies around in red tights and a cape, but someone who can change the world, one person at a time. You're going to change the world, I know it. Someday, everyone is going to be smiling. I hope to inspire others like you have inspired me. -- Alec McCrea, New Jersey State Police

Paul, you are amazing! That is the only way I can sum up how quickly you have made me laugh and feel so inspired. Your stories are fantastic and loaded with such insight, passion, and humor! You are one of the most unique and truly amazing new friends I have ever made. I brag about you constantly to my other friends and family, and can't wait until you get to meet them all. Anytime, seriously anytime, you want to get together again, and grab some food, or just hang out as friends you let me know.

By the way, your writing is impeccable. I can't remember the last time I wrote so much without having to do it for college! See how you yet again inspire. I need to add that your unique BMW is just too amazing! You seriously have a (pimp) ride. --
Keith Grabowsky

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