Dr. Paul Stuart Wichansky

   Sharing the voice and vision of courage and optimism.
Never let your attitude become your biggest disability.

Never allow someone else's perception of you become YOUR reality. It's all that you believe in yourself and the beauty of your dreams. Besides his motivational thoughts, Paul is sharing on this page some memorable pictures and videos that he has posted on social media.

Paul's social media profiles are so positive because that is the kind of person he chooses to be. Such optimism does not need to be a dream. It can become YOUR reality! It is a reflection of the perspectives you have of others and also of yourself. It's a more meaningful reflection than the one you get from looking into the mirror.

Dr. Paul meets singer Billy Joel at the University of Delaware. He wanted to place an extra smile on Billy's face, so Paul autographed an 8x10" copy of this photo and mailed it to Billy for his own collection! Paul learned that Billy chose to frame this photo and hang it in the den of his Manhattan apartment! What a very generous gesture!

Dr. Paul with Christopher Reeve

Never expected to meet and be inspired by his idol, Christopher Reeve. Paul told him that, when he saw the first Superman movie in theaters in 1978 as a youth, Reeve's character convinced Paul that his dream (of walking) has wings of its own! Paul's compliment made him smile. The camera flash was not used because he did not want to hurt Reeve's eyes.

Paul with his cousin Rachel Platten

Paul shares a quiet moment with his cousin Rachel Platten before her concert at The Stone Pony on the Asbury Park, New Jersey boardwalk. Her signature song, "Fight Song," has since become an anthem this past summer to many around the world, including childrens' hospitals. "Fight Song" has helped many discover their inner strength to triumph over their own challenges in life.

Paul enjoying the moment with his nephew

Paul took his sister and nephew (Landon) out for a Mothers Day lunch this year. Another crazy kid, Landon would not even smile for a photo with his uncle, so Paul decides to act just as silly in the moment! Paul posted this picture with the caption, "Never take life seriously. No one gets out alive anyway!"

Paul volunteers his car as a wedding chauffeur

Paul's little brother Alex got married to his beautiful wife Deirdre two years ago in a stunning ceremony. They were honored to have Paul chauffeur them on their wedding day in his own unique car! Note that his car is NOT a BMW but sure looks like one, and he enjoys creating big smiles wherever he goes. We guess that you can refer to Paul as "the cool kid with the ultracool car!"

You are welcome to follow Paul on twitter (below) and on his public Facebook page (with the title Dr. Paul Stuart Wichansky). He enjoys hearing from his former students and audience members!

This new video, "Embracing your hopes and dreams with Dr. Paul Wichansky," was created with Dr. Paul narrating his life philosophies. His good friend and Hero, Kevin Nulty, generously filmed this video.

This short 3-minute video demonstrates how I enjoy motivating an audience. I speak from the heart without using any script.

Youth from cohort parishes come together to hear speaker's journey
by Rose O'Connor, 2 May 2018
Published in the Trenton Monitor
"From walking and forecasting the weather on television, to driving a car and jumping out of an airplane - and even meeting Billy Joel - Wichansky captivated the audience with his can-do attitude." [read more]

Novartis Hosts 10th Annual Disability Mentoring Day
26 November 2017
"You'll hit obstacles and need to go around or over to achieve your goals," said Novartis Pharmaceuticals keynote speaker Dr. Paul Wichansky, a motivational speaker and author who was born with cerebral palsy and hearing loss. "Stay focused on positivity and hope. Do not give up; find another way to reach your goal."  [read more]

New Jersey Students Get Life Lessons 
by CBS News reporter Lisa Rozner
3 R's Day (Respect, Reflect, & Resiliency)

"Dr. Paul Wichansky talked about how he learned to walk, despite being born with cerebral palsy. 'The hardest part of learning how to walk is learning how to fall down,' Wichansky said. [watch tv interview]

Freehold Township man earns doctorate
by Kimberly Predham, Asbury Park Press, 29 May 2008
"The students are the ones Wichansky talks about the most -- the ones who reach out to him days, weeks, even years later to let him know how much his speeches meant to them."  [read more]

Awarding Degrees of Success:
Rutgers grads mark milestone with pride

by Sharon Adarlo, The Star Ledger, 21 May 2008, page 31.
"For Paul Stuart Wichansky, walking has always been a struggle. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler and didn't learn to walk until he was 7 years old. At times, the neurological disorder limited his mobility as a student at Rutgers' sprawling New Brunswick campus."  [view online]

A thank-you note to David Hasselhoff
Published in the official autobiography of David Hasselhoff
"Each of us can be heroes -- ordinary people who triumph over extraordinary circumstances -- like our favorite television characters do each week."  [read Dr. Paul's letter]

Man uses humor to talk to students about cerebral palsy
by Mark Marotta, The Philadelphia Reporter, Page A3
"Several doctors told Wichansky's mother that her son would never be able to walk. One physician with a more positive attitude said it might be possible, although it would take years. The 36-year-old said the fact that he was standing in front of the students was a dream come true."  [read more]

Guest Column, Cover of Winter 2007 Newsletter
Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Center for Community of Caring
"For that hour, the hotel ballroom was filled with genuine laughter, good tears, and pertinent questions, as the audience responded positively to a keynote that was sincere, uplifting, and insightful."  [read more]

New York TimesMostly Sprawling and Warmer
by Kirk Johnson, New York Times cover story.
"Mr. Wichansky said that part of what he was looking for in his results were clues about how much of that warming effect was a result of atmospheric changes, and how much came from the ground. "The land cover change project may enable us to quantify how much of this warming may actually be due to changes in the land surface itself as a result of human modifications," he said."  [read more]

Taking the "Dis" out of "Disability"
by Paul Stuart Wichansky, Cerebral Palsy Magazine
Second debut issue, September 2003, pages 5-7.

"Our challenges are among the best gifts that we have. With this attitude, coupled with inner strength, our perseverance will faithfully guide us through the fiercest storms to the brightest sunshine of life."  [read more]

Township man's life story serves as an example to pupils
by Jonathan Rifkin, Asbury Park Press, 20 June 2002
"His varied stories of learning how to walk, relating to peers while growing up, and tirelessly pushing himself to follow his dreams and goals is presented with endless enthusiasm and energy. Stories about his childhood gave students insight into Wichansky's 'can do' attitude."   [read more]

Taking the "Dis" out of "Disability":
A Unique Speakers Bureau Specializes in Disability Awareness

by Dina Stein, ArcLight Magazine. Autumn 2002 issue.

"During the next hour, he had the audience enthralled as he told stories of his childhood in a wheelchair, of learning to walk, of falling over and over and pulling himself up to try again. Then he showed videos of himself as he is today, doing everything from skydiving to artistic painting. By the end of the presentation, the children were eager to share their personal dreams and wishes with him, eager to explore their own strengths and abilities."   [read more]

The Moment of a Lifetime

"I left that room with tears in my eyes and determination in my mind. After that day, whenever I doubt myself, I think of Paul. He overcame so many obstacles set before him, and yet he turned out to be a knowledgeable and inspirational person. I now tell myself: if Paul can do it, I can too."  [read more]

Home News TribuneForecast: Sunshine
by Paul Franklin, Home News Tribune.

"His doctoral research evaluates the effects of historical land cover changes upon New Jersey's weather and climate. Paul has digitized maps of the land cover from the 1880s era and also of present-day land cover from satellites, and plans to feed each of these datasets into a computer model that simulates the atmosphere. He wants to see what changes in weather have occurred when the land cover has been changed through urbanization and agricultural practices."   [read more]

Access to Success:
A Dream, Motivation, and a Winning Attitude

by Paul Stuart Wichansky.

"Many physically-challenged people I have encountered have bright, bubbly personalities because they want others to recognize them for who they are. Many of their personalities are very much stronger, their voices all the more commanding, and their enthusiasm for life all the more contagious."   [read more]

United NationsSpeakers Bureau Invited to the United Nations
by Monica Willard, United Nations representative.
"A Vision in Motion, a unique motivational speakers bureau, provided three inspirational people to share their stories. By dealing with the problems these speakers face in their daily lives, they shared how they work to create personal and world peace." [NOTE: Paul Wichansky was the only speaker from A Vision in Motion that morning to earn a standing ovation from UN government representatives following his keynote.]  [read more]

Asbury Park PressPerseverance and the Power of a Positive Attitude Personified
by Shannon Mullen, Asbury Park Press cover story.

"Wichansky, who has a Masters degree in meteorology, reads audiences as well as he does weather maps. He's not preachy or morose. Mostly, he tells funny stories."   [read more]

Home News TribuneHe doesn't know the meaning of 'No'
by Tia Swanson, Home News Tribune, 25 June 1995"Student's indomitable spirit rises above physical limits, prejudice. For his spirit, and his accomplishments, Wichansky was named this year as the cooperative education program's "Student of the Year."   [read more]

Mr. PMA, All The Way! (Positive Mental Attitude)
"Your friendly and open nature is simply magnetic, and it's easy to see how students, and people in general, are drawn to you. There are few people in this world who possess the God-given talent to single-handedly transform others' attitudes and perspectives in a positive way, and you, dear Paul, have undoubtedly been chosen to be one of them."  [read more]

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