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February 25th, 2017.

Meeting my Late Principal in a Dream.

Starting my blog with a true story about the enduring power of love.

Sharing what I believe to be an extraordinary story of love from beyond. It's about my former principal at Clifton T. Barkalow Middle school in Freehold Township, Robert W. MacMillan, Jr. I adored that man like a second father, a man who believed in his students and treated them with integrity and mild discipline. Though we lived in the same town for the next 25 years following my graduation, I planned to stop by his home after I earned my Ph.D, to thank him for believing in me and to let him know how much an inspiration he has been to me.

I never got that chance. I learned from a former classmate that he passed about five years ago. Depressed for a few weeks afterwards, I then had a vivid dream. In my dream, I was walking through the hallway of my middle school and stopped just outside the cafeteria entrance. Mr. MacMillan was standing just inside the entrance, beaming at me! He looked exactly the way as I remembered him 30 years earlier, full of vigor and charisma. He then encouraged me to sit with him at one of the folding lunchroom tables near the food serving area. He was listening as I excitedly updated him about my life and achievements where I triumphed over cerebral palsy. Mr. Macmillan reassured me that he was proud of me and he already "knew" how much an inspiration he had been to me. We then hugged each other for the longest time, as I just did not want to let him go.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt much better afterwards and no longer depressed. Learning that his widow passed two months later, I went to the wake, met his daughters for the first time, and boldly (if confidently) described my recent dream to them! Their response: "Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story! It was exactly what our father would have done."

In the end, love is all we have. It is eternal, everlasting, and never fades with time. This is also the overall theme embedded in my presentations at schools and colleges.

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